Spy about to get his pimphand going.


I suck at smoke.

and I wish the Tf2 characters had MOVABLE SHOULDERS

I was going to say that this was a perfect recreation of Meet the Spy.
But what turned my statement down was the fact that you forgot to put an out of place and incredibly random and unfitting HL2 crate.

Lighting looks nice and dynamic, clearly your references are working. Although as you said, the smoke really could use some work. The spy’s cloak effect looks nice, but the pose entirely looks sorta awkward.

Medic’s posing is really wonky, but I know that’s because the lack of moving shoulders. Spy’s pose is a bit off but looks decent, the disguise effect is cool, smoke is ok, and the bonesaw is aliasing.

Bonesaw is a whore.

I actually rather like the smoke. How did you do it exactly?

I also like the glowy disguise effect.

What are you talking about? That’s a TF2 crate.

On the spy’s right hand (from our perspective) there seems to be a slight box/edge where the smoke ends. Also the medic has no pupils… Creepy. As you said, smokes not the best and Medics hand just seems too big.


Refrence image, paint daubs on new window, copy paste it over, 50 % opacity.


Wow, I never noticed that.

I didn’t notice that until after Butthurter mentioned it earlier in this thread :v:.


Smoke looks very pasted on. I doughnut like it.

LOL the spy’s expression!!!

i love this picture!!! the smoke blends in to the tf2 look so well!!! let’s ignore the blatant cropping errors and say it’s good, because it is!!! and it’s original!!! good job!

Pretty much noone likes the smoke except vman, quit acting like a shithead and go back to being a huge ass to everyone.

they are just jealous they will never be as taltented as you!!!



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