Spy Aiming at an Enemy [Wallpaper]


This Garry’s Mod game is pretty fun.

Not too happy with how this one turned out. But seeing as yor browsing this forum, and stumbled upon my thread, you have to look at it. And it cannot be unseen.

Mostly In-Game editing, except for the smoke, obviously.

C&C :buddy: <3

Looked perfect until I saw how he was holding the pistol. :frowning:
nice editing though! :buddy:

Nice editing. Was the spy supposed to look like a gangster?

Whast wrong with the way he’s holding the pistol? I mean, it may not be the best way to shoot a revolver, but oh well.


If by gangster, you mean in the era of Al Capone, then yes, but if you mean in the sense of ‘Snoop-Dog’ or whatever, then no.

Thanks for the two comments! =D <3

Gangsta Spy! Posing and DOF are good, but the smoke is too prominent in my opinion.

really nice, the picture looks good
but i don’t like the way hes holding the gun

my man

it’s got to G’s

snoop dee-oh-dubba-gee (Snoop Dogg)


whats my name


And I could honestly give a rats ass. =) <3 Thanks for commenting though, it seems that your pretty important. With your green name and all! :buddy: <3
Please stay on topic. :smiley:

dat spy’s gangsta yo
A little too small for a wallpaper, don’t you think?

oh, respect for the corrections shawty, just trying to aid you is all

Why do voices of rappers saying “I’m’a gangstah hip!” replay in my head while looking at this image?

What a Gangsta.

Really good picture, especially regarding its one of your first. Plus you seem to be a pretty chill FP member, so enjoy your stay :buddy:

Well the resolution is 1360x760, which is perfect for my 32 inch monitor.


Thanks for the aid, seeing as I don’t listen to rap =P <3


Why thank you! =D <3