Spy and Sniper are on it again




Seems like not all your images suck.
Well done.


Didn’t imply most of your images suck, just that some of them are.

I like most of his images.

I know that most of them suck.
Thanks for commenting :buddy:

I’m getting tired of just seeing the sky in the background in your pics. Posing is still quite wonky, spy’s legs look pretty stiff, snipers right leg is way too stretched out, it makes it look like he’s gonna fall over. This is pretty generic for a tf2 pose if you ask me.

I like it a lot. Spy is totally dead.

Me and you should totaily form a two man team.
and post images.
and be cool.

the posing on the spy looks a bit weird to me, I don’t think he’d be able to extend his arm that long without falling over if he was standing like that due to the wound

Thanks for the comments. :smile:

Sent you a PM.

I see some errors on the edge of the kukri.

The Sniper brings knifes and arrows to a gun fight. Neat work. Background is fitting.