Spy at his best

Just some thing I made did the smoke with photo shop.


C and C please.

The smoke is good- But you should reaalllyy work on posing and camera angle.

EDIT: My C&C wasn’t very specific :v:

The Spy’s legs look like he’s been crippled. The dead bodies look somewhat unrealistic. The props also seem out of place, like the rocket launcher :|…

Still, keep going, you’ll get better :D!

May i ask…where is this rocket launcher? All I see are a sandvich, medigun, bultsager, (right?) knife and the spys revolver… but thanks for the C and C and yea still need to get used to the better tf2 phys

Actually smoke looks weird, its too cycloneish? It also looks copy pasted, try not to make it so gray, also a little smaller.

The hand and legs look really weird, and the dead bodies look strange to.

Medic looks like a drunk college girl spreading her legs.

Yea it wasn’t copy pasted this is the 5th smoke effect Ive done but W/E practice makes perfect.

True, keep practicing then and always remember to post when you think you have improved so people around here can give you some advices :stuck_out_tongue:

Posing sucks, and so does the smoke. It isn’t even coming from the gun.

Also, turn up graphics.

Spy is popping his hip like a Chinese prostitute, the smoke isn’t really good, you should mess with the perspective and the lighting too. Keep trying.

Lol @ medic’s legs.

the smoke looks wierd