Spy death: A halo on your head


Since i made it more than 30 spy death pic, i decide to add a present tittle.

I happen to like my halo thank you very much, cheater.


Okey time for a list.

-Terrible posing
-Edited in paint
-Terribad simple DOF
-Lack of eye posing
-Lack of fingerposing
-Needs more AA

Work on it, kid.

Bitch got served.

It means the heavy found him because he saw the glow from the halo while the spy was cloaked. He’s not bashing the halo directly, he is pointing out that using it as a spy = fail.

You seem to have ignored the giant grey text.

That could easily mean what I said before, about the heavy finding him because of the halo’s glow. Using a halo as a spy makes you a bad spy.

Major clipping.