Spy Disguise Kit

I have a request; a swep that changes your player model to the model of the person your looking at. You right click to select the person then left click to change your model. I’d really appreciate it if someone made this.

And changes the name above your head, etc?

That would be awesome…


True, but it also has potential for a mingebag.

Yeah. But not a ruin-it-all mingebag

Including a butterfly knife for backstabs.

That already exists, you need TF2 to use it, and it includes a bunch of other weapons, but it exists.
You can backstab a turret repeatedly :dance:

wait… so your telling me i can disguise myself as a sentry… :dance:

Heh, the disguise kit would be awesome, i guess using setinfo name would be usefull, or maybe Hud:Draw

I think setinfo name would make things easier, but as for what’ll appear on your HUD? Would it tell you who you’re disguising as, so you don’t forget/spell it wrong?

And on that, is it possible to make it ‘disguise’ as NPCs as well? I’d imagine either hiding your name altogether or changing it to #npc_(whatever) would work if people think it could be a glitch :stuck_out_tongue: