Spy escaping the scene via a helicopter

I hope I didn’t filter-rape this one:

Its ok but you should have used a TF2 Map though

Looks cartoony enough to be a TF2 map? There’s absolutely no problem with the map in my opinion.

It looks ok! But the posing is rather bad. And the helicopters lightning is full of errors.

Posing sucks.
Helicopter looks a little out of place.
Spy’s posing wtf

OK, I’ll try to improve my posing next time…

You are all probably too harsh. How many Screenshots have you posted here?

The arm used for hanging should be straight, and it’s hard to tell whether the spy is hanging or standing because of the angle.
There should be less super DoF or sniper should be closer.

Improve posing and get a better angle.

5 Screenshots, not more…
But it seems I’m getting better than the last time…

Actually this criticism is well deserved. There really is a great deal of things wrong with the piece. (Like how the DOF is causing EVERYTHING to be blurry)

Improvements are nedded.

Rated optimistic. Oh, and the hand can’t be straight, the ragdoll’s bones don’t allow that. There is some file, that makes the bones move freely 360 degrees. But I can’t find them. Ask Uncle Google.