Spy goes batshit insane and stabs a soldier several times

Spy uses his demonic powers to stab the soldier at the speed of something really fast :v: (I am waiting for the Soldier vs Demoman update and got bored)


some sort of thread music:


using burn-tool and brushes like a BOSS

The blood on the chest wounds looks nice, but the blood on the mouth doesnt fit.
Also, the green eyes on the Spy look weird, but the cig smoke and lights are cool.

I have the say that the camera angle is just badass. IMO the green eyes look cool and the blood looks too much like powder though and odd on the mouth

Pretty awesome.

I knew I should have removed the blood coming out of the mouth lol. too late now :v:

Isn’t it Apeshit? And that spy is freaking Demonic. He’s like a TF2 Dio Brando.