Spy Insults Scout

Well, after seeing a whole bunch of stop-motion gmod videos, I decided to create my own.

It’s my first try at lip sync and stopmotion. I think I did pretty well with the former.

And, yes, it is inspired by RubberFruit’s Penis Cupcake.

Pretty good!

Wow, that was some pretty impressive lip syncing.

I like it. Nice and smooth.

Kurit, no need to quote the op.

Excellent video :bravo:

Ultra. You should check out my stop motion video here on the sight. It’s the one called Alyx vs L4D on the Gmod movies section. You might like it.

Good lip synching.

Penis Cupcake?

Haha nice video mate.

I see your Penis Cupcake reference.

no one insults me, the spy shall pay.

God I love the penis cupcake meme.

I will eat you.

Next time try to get the

“This guys is playing tf2” at 0:07

Out of the video next time, and I liked the video as a whole though.

oh and 0:08

some guy named Red just remembered fucking get?
and something about this one being better?

I have an edited version with them gone, but Youtube doesn’t allow you to reupload videos, only upload new ones.