Spy is being left out by his Teammates

Just a quickie. I don’t like what I did with the cigarett-smoke, though…
Also, yes, he’s been punched in the stomach.


The picture lacks focus, but the posing seems alright.


No wait, it doesn’t actually.

Eeeh, does it not lack focus, or is to posing not alright? :confused:

The posing.


At least on the heavy and the soldier.

You should’ve re-phrased it then, so it would’ve said “Actually, the posing ISN’T okay!” :eng101:


Bad Spelling in my OP? Where?

That must’ve been a hard punch because he’s bleeding.

Well, it is the Heavy and the Soldier, isn’t it? :b

As Zerax said, it lacks focus, it’s all blurry. And lighting, it’s dark with no light source.

Dark times call for dark pictures? :confused:

pics a bit blurry, posings a bit off

English isn’t your first language, is it?



Where did I spell wrong, dammit!? Instead of going “lol u spelt wrong” and not telling me where I won’t learn from my mistakes.

Learn how to spell “Cigarette”, grammerfürer…