I couldn’t think of a more descriptive title.
This is basically a shading, hgihlighting, Muzzle flash test.

So yeah, here ya go!


Not-Needed Noise is there, it’s HSV oise, not Bd JPEG Compression. I regret adding it. :ohdear:

All & Any Comments are welcome, along with C&C :buddy:

He he, I like the idea.

I really like the posing and the editing looks ok, but why there are some sort of weird stripes on the spy’s suit?

Edit; Fuck, I didnt typed “like” between “really” and “posing”, I should go to sleep.
And thanks for the dumb, it helps me carry the bad spelling.

I don’t really know, I’m pretty sure there part of the model though.

Thanks for commenting! :buddy:

P.S I didn’t rate you Dumb
or Bad spelling appearently.

they’re hidden in game but they’re supposed to be there

Duh! I dont mean the vertical stripes that are on the skin of the suit I mean the ones that look like shadows.

This ones.



I need to hear the spy make jockey like noises.

We should get Heavy Coach to throw a football at it.

Is this thing humping me?!

“Oh lord no! That thing on me!”