Spy killed an engineer and is smkoing his cigarette...

I tried shit again to see if I suck.
Tell me if I do.


It’s pretty good, but I think if he held the knife back-handed it’d fit better.

Much better. Maybe some sparks around the debris

Holy Shit.
Didnt expect that.
Hmm lemme do some sparks.
Thats a pretty good idea.

Seems good, but the spy looks like he aint holding the knife right, try closing his hand some more. Also it looks like you just laid the engie down on the floor, doesn’t look right.

Thank you for critism.
Yeah my posing isnt corect often.
P.S. I added Sparks.

Try making your own smoke, for a change. I mean, it’s okay if you use a brush, it’s just that it’s so heavy and ugly.

As for the rest of the picture, it’s pretty good, I see nothing wrong with it.

Also, can I have the original?

Didnt wanted to waste much time on the smoke so I took a brush.
Ill make it not that solid next time.
Also here is Original:

Contrast is a little heavy.

I like the smoke. Nice.

Sorry but its not made by me.
I took it from google.

There’s an imaginary pool of blood. :iiam:

…Eh, too much contrast.

Reflecent what fo you mean?

I meant that it’s too dark and colorful.

Okay will change it next time.
Thx for critism.

Agreed with Reflectent, you could first desaturate it a liiiiiiiittle bit, and then, because it’s BLU Spy, slightly blue colour tone would look good.

Thanks Joazzz will do that next time!

I’m pretty sure i’ve seen that smoke before floating somewhere round the internet.

Told yah.
I didnt make it myself.
But what about the picture?

I like it, think it’s pretty good.