Spy must die contest

[h2]Welcome to Spy must die contest[/h2]
[release]Ah yes, The Spy. I remember him how much I hate The Spy in Team Fortress 2. Ever since I got Garry’s Mod, I always pose some Spy in a deadly situation. Also, killing Gman is too mainstream. No idea how many I did, but one of them is on steam page right now.[/release]

[ul]What to do:[/ul]
Pose a spy in a deadly situation, whether it’s getting killed, suicide or any kinds of death that inspired by Final Destination.

[ul]Require and recommend:[/ul]
You need Team Fortress 2 of course and this. It is also recommend to un-check all the game and restart Garry’s Mod before start posing it, without it, some textures such as Day Of Defeat/Counter-Strike: source will appear in some TF2 maps.

Don’t post stuff that you already made from the other thread.

You can only post one entry, if you have more, you have to replace it (re-edit your post).

If the poser did the posing while the editor did the editing, only the poser can post it; this is Gmod contest not photoshop contest.

PM me if you want to be a judge (But you may not accepted) . If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to use the rating system.
Devil Traitor

Only the top 5 finalist will go to the next and final round.

[ul]First place: A high five and a cookie.[/ul]
[ul]Second place: Nothing[/ul]
[ul]Third place: punch in a face[/ul]

[ul]The end of contest:[/ul]

[h2]Good luck & have fun![/h2]

No prizes usually dubs down the contest a notch

I never noticed that the TF2 maps use HL2 textures in GMod. You learn something new every day.

You never used 2fort in gmod, have you?

I used a couple of custom maps which is probably why I never noticed.

I’m so excited for third place!



those blasted airblasting pyros!


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founded a spy


o wait i did the wrong spy

i thoguht it was spies in general shit

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god damnit

Damnit Fire Kracker, what are we going to do with you?!



Well here’s my try… ENJOY


spy is like ‘‘fuck’’

Texture fix for TF2-maps

OK, here’s my entry. As you can see Spy has swallowed a live Ullapool Caber, with hilarious consequences.


Here’s mine. Soldier found spy in the intel room.


demo is typically like this when drunk

That spy is happy

The spy appears to be cross-eyed and grinning. The Demo’s goggles glow nicely, though.