Spy Offstage Episode 1


You have the right to download and use this banner by the way, but make sure to give credit.
This aging spy takes a break from the comic of his adventures, just to meet random incidents that happen anywhere but the scenery and the camera.
Whoops, I forgot to make the click click effects on the first screen, please forgive or fire me!


I also experimented with different formats, which JPEG at 100% quality dominating the Quality Compression war.
The dialouge is, of course, kind of cheesy, be warned while you read.

Also, here’s a preview of the fifth issue of Spy’s Adventure:

You sick fuck! She’s dead!

She’s an apparition, she still exists in NH2. These models are also pre-rigged and pre-ragdolled, even Emily herself (The nightmare house girl.) even though I have never seen her actions use a BecomeRagdoll state of any kind from what I remember. There’s also a glitch in which Emily has eyes in Garry’s Mod, but in NH2, she has just the eye sockets.

In the game you can no clip through her clothes and the texture around her breasts says, “You sick fuck! She’s dead!” That’s what I meant. I know she’s a ghost thingy, but it was [sp]caused by Romero’s machine, along with all of the other zombies[/sp]

And Emily is ragdolled because her model is a skinned FakeFactory model, I think.

I submitted a preview for Spy’s Adventure Episode 5.