Spy & Scout: Freelance Police



Man, great posing, looks awesome.

Perfect posing. If it wasn’t for the weapons I would think they are filming a music video. Not your fault but the red line on the car is really distracting.

Dude, nice car!

Let’s see what can I say.
Nice posing http://filesmelt.com/dl/tick12.png
Nice editing http://filesmelt.com/dl/tick12.png
Nice use of models http://filesmelt.com/dl/tick12.png

You sir just epic win.

Posing, angle, and editing are all top notch.

I don’t quite like the faceposing and the weapons are a bit overly comically sized.

The posing’s not your usuall quality,but the lighting is.

I’m in love with the lighting.

The bumpmaps are a bit weird on the car though.

Apparently you’ve never heard of Sam & Max then. And the only not 100% correct bumpmap on the car is the license plate, which I am currentl working on. I can’t really see how you’re saying “the posing is not your usual quality”, I see nothing wrong with the posing.

The posing’s a little stiff and the spy’s leaning against the car looks awkward, I can’t say exactly how but it just looks a little awkward.

Isn’t Sam & Max that point and click adventure with the Dog and the rabbit.


I love Sam and Max. Please make a comic about Spy and Scout ;-;

I call dibs.

This is sweet. Now all we need is a Nightrider version…

nice, i’ve always liked your tf2 poses
but the spy’s right hand looks tired by the way hes holding the gun

I expected to see new **Max’s Severed Head.

Great posing, Ilwrath! The picture has a nice feel to it, really like it.

Woah, someone has ported the DeSoto?

link to Desoto model!

Ha ha, thats awesome.

I like spy’s face.

Nice. And those guns are dick extensions. Much like the swords in Japanese rpg games.