Spy Shooting offscreen Targets.



Those blackbars Suck ass but I only noticed that when I was done with editing, and I’m too lazy to go back and fix them.

Those spiked that are around the muzzleflash are actually rocket trail particle spikes, too lazy to get rid of those too.

There are a bunch of tiny errors and f you nitpick them out I’ll give you a prize.

TV is clipping.
arm is clipping through chest slightly.
bottle is clipping I think…

Spy looks like a barkeeper

shooting rowdy customers.
i like it. :3

It’s a nice angle and pose, but i cant help but notice either low graphics or bad jpeg quality

Which is odd since my graphics are at max with with jpeg quality at 140.

drools at avatar

…wh- Wha? Did you say something? :v:

I like the idea and the picture, but some clipping and quality problems. As mentioned before.

Glad to see you back in the screenshot business, but you are a little rusty.

That spy looks mad as hell.

You usually angle your shoulders the same way as you’re shooting. Otherwise good job.