Spy shooting spy


B-b-but he woulda’ got more points from a backstab…


Where did all the flesh go?

Pretty nice posing and editing, but the quality of the pic itself is bad.

Turn the graphics up!

It was a lazorz pistol.
Pic is very good!

Nice gore.

That’s what the Ambassador should look do. It is a cannon, after all.

If only the gun was that powerful.

its bbq ribs

Great editing.

Better graphics then I will ever get :frowning:

Wow man that’s some awesome editing, I didn’t really notice/mind his graphics issue but it doesn’t really affect the overall image in my opinion.

I commend you for making that gaping hole in Blu Spy’s [damn you RED bastards!] so well, it really helps draw attention away from any flaws in the picture. Posing is pretty good, and I suppose considering the faceposing on TF2 ragdolls, the BLU’s expression is good. However, you need to turn up your AA. You can see plenty of jaggy lines.


The blue spy looks like he just remembered he had roast cooking in oven.

You’re dead, not big surprise.

Woah, editing is really good. Posing too, but you should add more blood next time.