Spy speaking to the G-Man + Bonus and Color Mod Shit

Well… it’s not Enhanced_AI Quality, but I think it is okay.



As Promised; Color Mod Shit




** Bonus **


It was no-fight day at 2Fort…
(Yeah no edits!)


I like the bonus pic with the engi and the red sentry… looks cute :slight_smile:

Also the “main” pic is not bad… but noting really special.
Posing is okay, gmans briefcase is clipping trough the table.

But the expressions are nice.

I noticed, there was nothing I could do about it, I tried configuring it several times only to have it end up like it in is the Photos.

There is a TF2 styled Gman floating around somewhere. Try to find the pack it’s from. It has Gregori, Cubbage and Kleiner too.

I’ve seen, I just thought the Original G-Man would suit this better.

Their both great pictures that I believe most cannot do, but as some people said…the little detail with the Suitcase is about the only thing that stands out. Other than that petty mistake, great job! :smiley:


I spy with my regular sized eye:
3 different color mods!
Nah it’s a good pic. Suitcase is a problem, though.

It’s impossible to fix the suitcase without it looking retarted.

There’s a version of G-Man without a suit-case somewhere on Garry’smod.org. I don’t know if it works or not, though.

So this is where BLU got the Payload…


Gman delivered the bomb for them as exchange for 10% of their profits.

I see a HL1 Plot.

You do?