Spy stealing Intel.


Thought I’d make a pose with the Intel modelhack.

Fantastic quality.

Pretty cool. :3


How did you get the lines of the models so perfect??? Did you just isolate each of the subjects??

Someone should start telling me howto make screenshots in such quality.

Ever try turning up your video quality, checking your poses from all possible angles, Post-production effects, etc. ?

What I do:
Jpeg_quality 100
Mat_picmip -10
run gmod on maximum settings all the time with a steady 50 fps.

I was more wondering how his Tf2 models got so high-res.
Might be HWM models but mine have the same quality as normals :eng99:

awesome and great posing

This looks great. Great camera angle especially and, as usual, nice work with the lamps.

Thats what I do but the HWM Models are the same as the normal.
The Spy in the picture looks very very high res.
Could be out of a meet the video.

where i can download natascha model and hacked intel model?

Nice job.



I accidentally rated you Funny instead of Artistic.

Natasha? Do want.

Very nice pic btw

me likey

Awesome. The heavy looks enthusiastic for some reason.

I can’t think of anything new to say so I will leave you with a palette.

He’s supposed to. He is after all getting to kill leetle men. Or that’s what he thinks anyways.