Spy V. Soldier & bonuses

Got a new monitor so decided to do something




These i took with my old monitor, two angles for this one because i didn’t know which i liked more:





Fucking beautiful, man.

I thought the Combine was running and it was really badly posed.


I thought exactly the same, then I took a closer look.

all in all, the pictures are pretty

The first one is effing good

yea, I was looking all over for a vanilla combine with better phy but had no luck. If anyone could link me to one that would be nice.

Wow, those are sexy. Simply lovin’ the lighting on the soldier.

Might edit the rebel one if you don’t mind.

You got a new monitor and it’s NOT wide screen!? WTF?? At least tell me it’s not an old CRT screen! :open_mouth:

You could probably rip them from the Enhanced Citizens, seeing as they both use pretty much the same skeleton.

well i cropped the picture, but it is widescreen 1900x1200


this rules, nice work