Spy vs. Spy ( from the 2005 XBOX and PS2 game)



) Spies… and Lots of ‘Em:**[/release]
Of all the things that MAD Magazine is recognized for, they are probably best known for their cartoon Spy vs. Spy. Originally created by Antonio Prohias in 1961, Spy vs. Spy has been featured in magazine after magazine for the past 50 years. The premise for each cartoon installation has always been the same, yet effective: Two spies - one denoted as the Black Spy and the other as the White Spy - are constantly at war with each other. In attempt to steal each others’ secrets, both of the spies do whatever it takes to dispose each other via implementing traps and other methods. The victories for the Black Spy and the White Spy vary from time to time.

Along with being in print (and on many other things, too), the Spy vs. Spy franchise has also been featured in video games. Just until recently, every Spy vs. Spy game has been in 2D format. The most recent 3D game - titled by the same repetitive name - was released in 2005.

It is a shame to see that for having such a large fanbase, the Spy vs. Spy series has yet to be sucked in by the infamous Garry’s Mod. I believe that by porting models of the rascals over to our domain we would not only make life much more interesting, but in fact it would please a significant number of fans from all across the bloody world.




) Getting our Dear Spies into Garry’s Mod:**
The one and only choice we have is to port and rig models from the 2005 PS2/Xbox game Spy vs. Spy.




) Models of Interest:**
Please be advised that not every single, solitary model found in-game has to be rigged in one sitting. Just take your pick of a few models that strike the most interest and go your merry way with 'em. My advice, however, would be make the models found in the ‘Multiplayer Mode’ section below our first priority…




) Request Benefits:**

  • More Spy vs. Spy shenanigans on GMod.
  • The spies’ advent would foreshadow future wars between the TF2 Spies and the MAD Spies. Things could get hairy…
  • Fans of Spy vs. Spy would finally be able to create their own strips on Garry’s Mod - whether it be for posing or video making.
  • In general, people who enjoy the cartoon (especially the folks residing at Deviant Art or elsewere) can fool around with them.




) Important Features that Should/Could be Incorporated into the models:**

  • Decent rigging and the works
  • Moveable noses
  • Hand posing
  • Toe posing
  • Poseable eyes (completely optional - would have to be customized)
  • Preset bodygroups (for switching between models that are wearing or lacking hats).




) Sample of Models (Spy vs. Spy for the PS2/Xbox):**




) Awareness of Other Spy vs. Spy-Like Models:**
Apparently there have been Spy vs. Spy-themed models released by a fellow named Techknow some time ago. (He seems to specialize in concocting player models for CS:S - both ripped and customized.) Unfortunately when it comes to posing, the ragdolls be a pain in the rear to manipulate. Plus, they are not the best looking either. Feel free to visit the download site if you wish to see them yourself.




) Last Remarks:**
By requesting these models, I completely acknowledge the grueling work, time, and effort that comes attached with ripping and rigging content. (Thus, I also know that not everyone has enough time during the day and/or interest to take on this task.) For anybody willing to carry out parts of this request, though, please take as much time as you need. Quality is definitely preferred over quantity in my book - any day.

For the record, I have made previous attempts to rip the models myself (so that indivduals who are more knowledgeable of rigging could easily get a better start), but have since failed due to time constraints and insufficient understanding of the process. In similar context to what has been previously stated, preparing the models is a tedious process, but anyone can try taking a shot at ripping too.

Finally, I cannot overstress the fact that your support will be immensely appreciated. Even if you are unable to physically contribute toward the preparation of the above models, feel free to post your say and other thoughts in mind. Non-members who are interested of this model request are also welcome to comment (although it is entirely up to his/her whim to do so). While keeping all of this in mind, please understand this request is not so much for myself as it is for whoever else that may want the Spy vs. Spy models. Leaving off from that, I would like to say thank you, and have a pleasant day!

Aaahh… that brings me back, I support this

Yes yes one thousand times YES!

I should also add that it would be a reeeeeeeally nice bonus if some of the models (depending on which ones) are able to recieve support for hand and foot posing. I would have suggested face and eye posing too, but unfortuately from what I have seen in-game the spies’ face expressions are static. Boo hoo… Briefly and lightly weeps. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmm, I sure hope this does get taken into some form of consideration. Time will tell, though.

Hell yes. We can make Spy vs Team Fortress 2 Spy! Or Spycrab vs Spy vs Spy vs Mentlegen! Or who knows what!

Total support.

Dear Lord, we’re talking about full-scale… Hands crash down on desk and camera zooms in on Firearms …SPY WARS!
Yep! If this is ever going to happen we may as well come up with some spy-themed skins for the Engineer, Sniper, Soldier, Scout, and Demoman (Heavy and Pyro already have their adaptations) - but that’s a different matter. There is no excuse! XP

In fact, someone may even create a Spy vs. Spy Spy hex whose skin is nearly identical to that of TF2 Spy’s… Possibilities are indeed endless, gentl-. Er, mentlegen.



Major memories. SUPPORT


I have a good feeling that if we keep up the attention here, we’ll be sure to see some form of models crop up in the distant future. But that’s just my speculation; I’m attempting to remain optomistic about what’s to come out of this thread.

P.S.: Jeeze, we’ve accrued 257 visits within more than two days… Good heavens…

I support this x1000 :smiley:

I always end up feeling bad about the act of bumping a thread, so this will be the last time that I will allow it to happen at this section. In compensation for the bump, I made sure to clean up and revise the top request post in advance (it’s up-to-date as far as my current style of organization and writing goes). :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a Spy Vs. Spy model but it’s for Counter-Strike: Source and it kinda looks a little bit crappy.

Link: http://techknowmodels.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=51

Oh SHOOT! I was intending to add in that little piece of information to the rest of the post… but it never made it in, sadly. :suicide: Thanks a lot for bringing that up!

EDIT: Okay, I took care of business… Happy viewing (whether it be using the link at the top post or the one here)!

Well, my sincere apologies for bumping once more, but for several months I have been at work with updating this model request thread the best I can (whenever there was time to spare, though). Along with organizing the living snot out of it, I have made sure to include additional sources such as screenshots and other detail snipbits that will - hopefully - make it significantly easier to visualize what kind of models we are dealing with. As much as I am really up for this request to be someday picked up, I know that it’s going to take someone that has enough time and interest on his/her hands to bother with it. This I truly respect. Thus, I believe that if the ship must go down, it must go down. I’ll leave it up to other users - and not by myself - from this point on to prolong the life of this request. Thank you for your understanding.

(Lastly, I regret having previously written about refraining from reviving this thread. This was foolishly declared during the time when I assumed the request had a sporting chance of being quickly picked up, and thus, I have no choice but to withdraw it. I had a feeling it would come back to bite me somewhere in the future…)

Support !! :smile:

I support this