Spy Vs. Spy (Gamemode) Model Request

Hello. Recently, i’ve been working on a gamemode for Garry’s Mod; and i’ve been mapping and skinning for it. Now, i’d certaintly model theese by myself- but due to lack of knowledge- i don’t even know where to start.
I’m requesting four different models, to be used as weapons. Both in View model, and in World model. They’re pretty… erm, basic- and shouldn’t be too complicated.

OBS: Don’t worry about the materials- i’ll do them myself!

First: Tripmine


It’s a S.L.A.M. remodel, and should work/animate in the same way a S.L.A.M. does.

Second: "Cross Rifle"


This one’s a bit more complicated. It’s a remodel for the crossbow. I want the yellow glow to still exist on the end of the barrel. The reload animation should be inserting a arrow in the end of the barrel- instead of putting it onto the crossbow (deafult).

Third: Bazooka


It’s a remodel of the RPG. Shouldn’t be too complicated.

Fourth: Bomb (“Classic”)


In my mind; the easiest. It’s a grenade remodel. The grenade trail “parent point” should be repositioned in the middle of the bomb. Optionally: You could jigglebone the fuse, if you’d be so kind. Observe that the fuse part should NOT collide with the world.

  - - - - -

If you’d like to know about the gamemode- it’s like the Spy Vs. Spy games on C64. Similiar to the Xbox remake. There’s two teams, who is to find a briefcase that is randomly positioned in one of the many safes on the map- and bring it to a certain location. That’s the main idea atleast. Now: comment, discuss, give advices or just rant about how i should do theese myself- in which, i’ll give up the project.

Oh and- of course i’ll credit whoever voulenteers to do theese.

Well… Anyone interested?

:eng101: …Awesome

I’m giving the TNT a try.

Not sure yet how I can make the wires look good though.

That looks good, very good.
Could you maybe increase the size of the red lamp thing?

The wires dossen’t need to be a masterpeice. Do your best!

…I’m thankfull someone replied! :holy:

there is some spy vs spy models i know

Really? Where? I’ve not seen them on Garrysmod.org- w… Where!? :q:

i need the look for them again

In that case I’ll halt my progress :v:

its the ragdolls

Oh, the ragdolls? That’s even more awesome… Thought you ment the props. Give me a link! :v:

And please, do go on Dakarun! :buddy:

Alright. Anyway I might not make too much progress today because I got to work on some assignments for university. If I have the time (and motivation :v:) I will finish off the tripmine and work on the bomb, since thats like 5 minutes work and I’ve always wanted to improve my jigglebone knowledge since the last time I did that didn’t go to well… :stuck_out_tongue:

Fully understandable. If you only knew how overwelmingly happy I am that someone’s helping me :biggrin:

Got stuck on the wires so started on the bomb. Started remembering how much I hated jigglebones. Don’t worry though, I think I’ll manage to get through it. And the hand position is just a temporary thing to eventually help me with testing it.

You uploaded a video- Just for me? :buddy:
That looks great, and you’re really a huge help to this project!

For the Jigglebones, can’t you like- increase the density and decrease the elasticy? Or something like that?

Ok quick update. Decided to resume the work on the jigglebones. I made it less mind fuckish, however I think what I need to find out is if there is an option to attach weight or something, if I can do that then I think it’ll be much easier. Because what happens now is that it wants to return to the idle position, that we do not want.