Spycheck soon, fellow teammate!


Harmony fellow teammate.

First picture is really really cool looking.

I was wondering if it was made in gmod.

it is, I’ll post the unedited TGAs tomorrow if you wish

That won’t be a problem, just the first time saw it in the TF2 Media thread it looked like Source Filmmaker to me.

You never disappoint me dude, all of your stuff is awesome, can’t wait to see the original.

Interesting, very interesting. Art for youse.

Awesome man! do some more!

who in the hell rated this dumb

Probably because they don’t get the joke.

For anyone who doesn’t get it:

OOOOooooh, I knew i’d seen that joke before.

Nicely done sir.

unedited screenshots




Ahaha, I saw this in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Megathread. Job well done.

Genius, well done