Spyhunt gamemode request.

For all of you that have played Combat Arms probably know what I’m talking about. Spyhunt Itself Is a fun gamemode and what the concept of It Is the game starts out with all the players spread out on the map. The Intel is also spread out on the map whatever player gets all the Intel turns into the spy. The spy has a spy looking player model and a very powerful gun. On Combat Arms It’s a chain gun. But whatever the scripter could get his hands on wouldn’t really matter to me. So how the gamemode will work Is lets say there are 4 people. The admin chooses the amount of how much Intel Is needed to transform Into the spy. So the admin chooses 2 pieces of Intel as a requirement. The first person requires one piece of Intel and another person requires another. So the first person shoots the other person and he drops the Intel allowing the first person to pick it up which transforms him into the almighty spy. Now everyone must kill this spy to get the Intel to make them strong. Whoever Is the spy the longest until the end of the match wins. Lets say the player wins a new player model or a new gun. So the prizes would be:

1 recorded win choices:
Desert Eagle

2 recorded wins choices:
Flash grenade

3 recorded wins choices:
Smoke Grenade

So on and so on.

If anyone could make this a gamemode using the spy from TF2 as the spy In this gamemode with a actual chain gun that would be amazing I’m sure other Combat Arms fans would like It also.

Here Is a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I4nRECCXpGs