Spyper and Sny (SFM Release)

Yo, I put together high quality versions of the dedicated Spyper and Sny models I made a while back.
They share everything in common with the normal HWM SFM models except actual HWM flexes and wrinklemaps.

There’s all the extended bones included for better control of the models, as well as the high poly meshes and high res textures from the SFM playermodels. There’s some extra flexes too for hiding parts of Spyper like the glasses and cig, and then bodygroups to toggle on versions of the objects that aren’t flexed so they can be held without interference from facial movement.

Previews (done by FiveEyes):


Not sure how many people would want something like this, I know these models have been made in the past but they’ve been pretty lousily done.
These ones are compiled specially to look as good as possible, with all the expected assets of proper SFM models.

Workshop + additional details:


Direct Download:

hope ya like it and stuff

I feel like people are going to beg for Gmod versions if I don’t put this here.

Still, great release. Too bad I don’t know jack shit about SFM…

EDIT: Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t make these. I just happened to find them on the Twerkshop. :v:

If you’re gonna host that please mark me as creator on the item, you should go ahead and hex Spyper and all his items too as well, Hedgie’s is kinda fugly and doesn’t have the extra stuff.

Keep in mind that was pretty much one of the first headhacks I had ever done, so it wouldn’t really be the best thing ever. Anyways, you did a good job with it.

Oh of course, didn’t mean to diss your model or anything. I know that one is pretty old.