Spyper Model

Some of us are too lazy and too untalented to wield a Spy and a Sniper together to make a Spyper. Could someone make a model or and advanced duplicate of a Spyper please?

I made a Spyper model for Minifett a long time ago:


You’ll have to ask him if you can use it, since he’s the one that wanted it in the first place.

Does he still contact people?

If I ever need a Spyper for a pic or video, I just use the Gentlemann of Stylish Spy rig. Yes, it’s Stylish Spy’s body, but with some bodygrouping you can change his disguise to Sniper’s hat, specs and quiver, and even put some arrows in it. Close enough to Spyper for me anyway. I call it the Fancy Spyper. But since it’s really Spy’s whole body with Sniper accessories, I’ll probably just use Sniper’s voice for him to further distinguish him from Minifett’s.