Spyro and Cynder Models?

Hey guys I’m new to FacePunchStudios but I’m not new to garrysmod and I have a request for anyone who is willing or is as big a fan as me of The Legend Of Spyro trilogy, or both, to create Spyro and Cynder models, maybe a Sparx model too if the creator feels like it but you know. I was just wondering if this is like already under way by someone or if anyone who has a good modelling and texturing talent would like to make these. I’m a big fan of The Legend of Spyro trilogy and I also like Garrys Mod so if anyone has like I don’t know a link to where I can download these if they already exist because I found nothing on www.garrysmod.org of Spyro and Cynder so yes thats my request. Take it easy guys


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Unfortunately you have posted this in the wrong section (it should be in the requests section), however you have a valid point, I have not seen any Spyro models around either (not that i’m a fan of it and never really played the games) but tbh I would have expected there to be by now seeing as it is a fairly large franchise, its quite bizzare that theres not (as far as i know).

Wrong section. Friendly advice. Its very easy to get banned here, please read the forum rules before you post.

gnasty gnorc, best model

Ya but Spyro and Cynder are still the coolest.
Might want to add Elora and Sparks in there just for kicks.
That is if someone ends up doing all these.


SilverRaptor made a Spyro model a while back, I’m not sure if he released it.

And I came in here hoping it would be about a mix of the Spy and the Pyro from TF2.

Naw, but that WOULD be an interesting model though
Long as they don’t make that ANNOYING tiger or cheetah or whatever that yellow guy was suppose to be with the bow n’ arrow, I’ll be happy.

yes thats gonna be a nice model

Spyro and Cynder would be nice. Hell, all the characters from the Legend of Spyro series would be great!

watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBhMOJeDYf4