Spyro Models

Well the other ones I would try to revive are lost and I cannot find so I guess I’ll have to do this one.
Anyways, topic says it all, I’m requesting someone please make some Spyro models, I don’t care if you get the Legend or Original, I just want some Spyro models >_<. I made a request video, and also I got some screenshots of the classic Spyro!

My video requesting Hunter player model: Link Here

Pictures Below



So will anyone please help me out, these models have been requested for a while now. Be the hero and do it please :stuck_out_tongue:

Since there’s been no replies for 2 days or less, I am bumping this thread with more links to pics for help on models if anyone works on it (Rules stated I cannot reply unless it has content, so I have content)

Young Legend Spyro

Oh front and side reference images =P now that will make my job easier, consider this done since I said I would make a spyro model.

Ah thats great, thanks man, really REALLY appreciate it. Oh btw, which one did you mean, the legend ones or the classic ones, I could get better screenshots of chest and back :wink:

since I remember playing the first spyro when it first came out it will be the classic one my end however if its just a different texture for the legends version I may be able to make both varients with one model feel free to post up as many reference pics as possible the more the better =P

i suggest spyro and cynder from dawn of the dragon

me too

Okay, I got more pictures, the pics of “Teen” Spyro and Cynder (Dawn of the Dragon), I don’t know if a teen Spyro model would look better with the sunlight or in darkness, cause he looks kinda…pink.

Teen Spyro Front
Teen Spyro Side
Teen Spyro Back

Teen Cynder Front
Teen Cynder Side
Teen Cynder Back
Teen Cynder Back II (Gives little more detail)

I am a huge fan of Spyro, I would love too see something come of this!

I hope this works out too, I don’t how long people requested this (Mostly me :P), I believe maybe a year or so XD

I have some pictures you could use as a reference.
Cynder 2
Cynder 3
Spyro 2

I would LOVE to have these as well. (:

hey dont forget adult cynder, sure its gonna be usefull

i found this spyro model somewere when i was searching something on youtube:

looking at it now and it looks fine poly wise but i’m not 100% about using this since it maybe someone else’s rip and I know what a lot of people are like when someone just releases that model so we need permission, other than that I will rig this model after we get permission.

ok im going to ask it on the site where i found it


no there doing nothing with it you can do wat you want with it so yes we got permission


sorry for doublepost


yup we can use it

Then consider this model rigged =P

hoorah spyro on gmod! =D

Starting to rig now…and so far I have found one problem with this model, the wings have a set of polys missing from the underneath the wings so one side is fully poly and the other has none so what i’ll do is rig the model release a beta version then get this in maya work my magic, get a perfect set of wings then re-rig it and release the newewer version that sound ok? (currently rigging the model =P)



still need to fix some of the verts and polys that are straying, gonna attempt some sort of bump map to enhance the textures I may release the model sometime this evening or tomorrow depends when I have the time to do the minor tweeking.


great now all we need are the teen models