Spyro Ragdoll

Can anyone make a Spyro ragdoll please, I don’t care if its from the original or Legend games, I just need a Spyro ragdoll. Or if there’s a way to rip him from a PS1 Rom or Emulator that would work too. Please.

on ps2 u can try it with pcsx2 maybe that helps. i want spyro ragdolls too…

since i know is alot of spyro games out i can try and get one for ya i too want one because i’m a massive old skool platformer player :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll see what i can do if i can find a ripperable game.

I do have the first Legend of Spyro game, though IDK how to rip the models :stuck_out_tongue:

i was thinking of getting the ds version of him but i know alot of ds games have low poly models =/ i’ll see what i can do anywho.

so i tried it a few days ago and this is what i got: error!!!