Spy's Adventure Episode 02









Hmm…do not want much.

Posing is off in general, graphics are pretty good, spelling is accurate.

Then again, im an asshole. Disreguard what I say.

Is the series funny at parts though? I want to improve my overall humor.

It’s not, truth is, it’s really bland and stupid. Ten years ago, it’d been hilarious, but now, it just sucks.

And yeah, I am the one to critisise humor, since, well, people pretty much always laugh at everything I say. Well, not in this case, since I just said that.

But yeah, that’s not funny in any way, it lacks some kind of smart or clever humor, or originality in general.

This one isn’t supposed to be funny, it’s supposed to tell a story.

Are you dumb, or just dumb?


This one- I meant this episode, this issue of Spy’s Adventure.
Series- This is what I mean by THE WHOLE SHOW, seriously, how could someone mistake that for an episode?

Maybe you oughta stop living in your mom’s basement. Because you’re acting like nothing but a:


So, are you dumb, or are you a TROLL?

No, but it is included in the series, rendering it part of the series, “this one”, must in that context, then suggest a different series, yet, you say it’s the same series, thus rendering it a paradox due to your incorrect syntax.

I’m not a troll, nor dumb, you just don’t make any sense. Since you’re basicly saying that this is, yet isn’t part of the series, meaning that either, it’s completley unrelated, meaning you’re dumb for bringing it up in the first place to confuse others, or you’re just failing at English, either way, the dumbball bounces right back to you.


Also, I am sixteen, so if I did live in a basement, that’s pretty okay, not to mention that in about two weeks, I’m getting my own apartment, it’s hardly any of your business, or relevant to my judgement, but I thought I should provide you with that information since you’re a generalizing elitist that can’t take critisism, nor speak English.

Just admit you’re a troll, and go away.

I’m not a troll, you’re just incredebly egotistic and bad at what you’re doing, hardly my fault for being honest, and to prove I’m not a troll, here’s some constructive critisism:

  • Posing’s akward and incredebly stiff, terrible in general.
  • The speechbubbles are pretty poorly made.
  • Terrible choise of map, and some of the models.
  • Lacks proper bodylangauge.
  • Bad sized frames.
  • Poor dialogue.
  • Terrible scenes/setting.
  • Lack of effort.
  • Lack of story.

The first one was almost decent, though. Had it not been for the inmature interceptions of mind-numbing crap like inflated heads and whatnot, it’s mingy and overdone.

You suck at accepting critisism, and when people don’t worship your crappy and effortless work, you try to discredit them, pretty fucking simple…

You really need to understand where to put speech bubbles in a comic in order for the reader to be able to read it properly.

Read some online comics, or better yet, buy some comic books and read them. Try to understand why they are easy to read.

Otherwise, you already know your posing is awful, so I don’t know why you keep making comics, rather than practicing a bit more. The humor didn’t do anything for me. Being “random” isn’t funny on it’s own, each element has to be funny.

Thanks for your negative support, I shall cut my own wrist now.

You know… A while back, the Cambodian militia whent rogue, and sometimes they would slice out someone’s gallbladder, and drink the contents in it.

I guess my point is, stop being such a dramaqueen.