Spy's cloak meter fails to scale on remote servers


I have a strange problem regarding the cloak meter of the dead ringer. Since the meter is drawn dynamically between two points it can also be scaled dynamically by increasing the gap between those two points.

It looks fine on a listen server:


And like this on a regular sv_pure 0 server:

Honestly, I don’t understand why the effect gets scaled down to its original size when I’m on a remote server and works perfectly when I’m on my own server. The only logical reason answer to this would be consistency issues, but then why does it work on listen servers since sv_consistency it set to 1 by default…and even then, the cloak meter is only seen in 1st person mode, so it isn’t game breaking

I hope someone can help me.

Although this isn’t gmod related, I’m posting it in here because these forums don’t have generic modeling section.

I guess it is something serverside or so.

Just leave it at the default and fiddle with the UVW to fix it