Spy's Day Off

The spy gets a day off and decides to go to his house in evocity for his day off, where he walks the streets and has some R and R.

youtube- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VL0aI5kMYQA

Note- If your going to complain, give C&C so no HURRR IT WASNT FUN HURRR


Who rated dumb? if they have balls post why.

i didnt like it, just wasnt very funny, and visually it was uninteresting.

Well, I first want to congratulate you on growing a pair of balls, it was much needed for you.
Darius i really wish you made sucky movies, which is half true, which is half not, but really all I seen you made was using moving camera too a song, and smothered it with bloom.

Now you can explain how it wasn’t funny, or how it didn’t appeal to you, and tell me what you would like to see instead, so I can improve it, instead of read your useless comment.


whoah, calm down. u cant take critism can you? by the way i wasnt the one who rated it dumb. (is that why ur mad?)
and what movie? i havent made a movie…

it wasnt funny cause it something ive seen over youtube over and over again, in other words it was unoriginal.

Darius im going to ignore what you said… I don’t take in anything from people who can’t spell “you” right…
if you could kindly point out ONE video other then this one where the spy gets ripped off by a pimp, and he gets revenge, please, fucking show me
I don’t want half that story, I want all of it.

oh no, i dont want to get into this converstion but i guess i have to reply :(.

ok first off, spelling ‘you’ as ‘u’ is just a shortend term to type quickly. anyway spelling is irelivent in this topic.

when i say ive seen this before i mean the formula.
a character from a valve game gets in a sticky situation which usually ends up in slap-stick comedy.
this to me is just a formula video, when i say that it means that it goes by a structure and themed plot that it uses over and over again.

anyway, arnt i just entitled to my opinion? u critize alot of other peoples videos, and dont give as much detail as im having to with u. so screw this, just accept that someone dosent like your video, people have differnt tastes. your too sensitive.

Well, at least I’m not the only person on this site that can’t take critism…

Scoutking, I have to agree that it wasn’t that funny :expressionless:

But I think the dumb ratings come from people that you’ve probably pissed off here at facepunch. I won’t rate it at all, just because it’s not funny doesn’t make it dumb

Yes you are critized to your opinion, even how bad or lazy you are.
Two posts of your opinion where not helpfully and just constent bickering,but you grew a brain and finally! pointed out was wrong, formula.
Now if formula bad lets look at ALL MOVIES.
THEY ALL FALLOW SOME formula that’s been used again and again, das booshitt fallows the family guy formula, steinman fallows the slap stick, half life 2 formula most of the time.
No offense to the JS but they also fallow the family guy formula.
Theirs the, play music, with bad bloom, and boring angle shot formula, which you tend to fallow darius…


No i don’t like critism that is constant bickering, or dosn’t explain how they don’t like it.
BUTTTT I have to agree and disagree with his formula complaint.


Who I piss off?

But who is posting dumb? really, they have not posted yet, i really want to know why they post dumb, in a C&C way.

what! what bickering!? i only said i didnt like the movie then you got angry and asked me why, so i told u!

and what movies are u talking about? i have no idea what ur talking about…

All you did was add in music, and do 1:23 of moving camera, then smothered it in filters…
its also been done before… alot, and the formula is also been done before a lot.

Look man, if you didn’t want to be criticized, then why did you post.

Your a douche

and the video sucked sweaty Balls

Well you just shown a reason for me to rate your post dumb. It sure might have sucked, but can’t you provide a fucking reason why it did? I’m not defending scoutking’s video, but just pointing out that non-constructive critism is done so much here, it seems as if the internet was getting totally stupidified.

See, your not helping, all your doing is complaining with out backing the complaint up.

ow yeah and your a dumb ass who doesn’t understand C&C
I’m perfectly fine with criticism, if the criticism makes sense, or… can prove a point, or explain.

To be honest, not one of your better works.

less mindless comments, more helpful comments


have you… read the last 10 post, please, have a seat and explain how its not the best.

I thought that it was too long, The Pills joke is really getting old, snd I think you could have made something more iteresting with the theme.