Spy's Explosive Knives



Hey pard’ner, do you wish to quickly blow up them senchairs ta bits without having to use difficult electrical devices? Try the new knife explodin’! It comes packed with a knife, and fire.

This is my idea for a new spy knife. Obviously it’s pretty rough in this add-on, due to it not having a custom model, but it works fine and it has no problems so far.

You can stick the knife into your enemies, into props, and into mostly anything.

Listen to the beep, as it beeps faster then it’s closer to exploding.

Edit: Moderator (Or whatever, it said moderator yesterday. Probably glitching.) in comments says it’s a generated SWEP. I coded it based on the counterstrike base with huge changes.

Video if it in action:


I don’t want to be an ass but it isn’t very impressive.
It’s still good for a first release, simple but still useful.
Keep up the good work! :wink:

Sakarias, you’re awesome. and, I love this.

Suggestions : Could you give it the ability for multiple knife kills? I think it would help a lot.

Love it!

I really LOVE IT! but can you make it so that it can explode on click?

I have to say, I’d love using this as a spy. He’s the only one with weapon updates (Besides sniper) to not get a new melee weapon D:

I think you should add a throw feature :v:

Looks good, I love how the knife sticks out when you stab something

I disagree with sakarais, this is impressive.


Is there any possible way to make a C:SS version? Cause alot of people don’t have TF2

This looks pretty simple, but still looks like hours of fun.

Fuck that, I could just change the models

Should attach a sticky bomb to the First person model, I know some of us who can… looks at _Kilburn…

combines. they are immune to a stab in the face.
and weak to explosions.

Nice, very fun, a little bit clever, and nice sound effects. It sounds exactly like the noise children everywhere make; the universal “Timed explosive” noise.

It’s even more fun when I’m playing on LAN with my roommate and he sticks me with it. I just hear a stab noise, then beeping, then he starts laughing.