Hey , there i know its wrong of me to be asking for help when im not paying. Though its only a small issue im having, As im joining my perp it comes up with “Server to Client Rp account details are trying to sync” i’ve tried atleast 3 diffrent MySQL databases and this keeps appearing.

Has anyone got any idea too why this could be happening ? Does MySQL and SQLite make a diffrence? & is it only sv_hooks that i need to change ?

You need gm_tmysql as that is what most versions of PERP are made to use.

throw libmysql.dll in the orangebox directory and throw gm_tmysql.dll in lua/includes/modules.

Load up the sql on a mysql host and put the user information for the host in sv_hooks at tmysql.initialize

Ive worked out its not a SQL issue , Its ‘GAMEMODE.ServerIdenifier’ error … Though I don’t know what that is …

The server identifier for perp is pretty much a mode or setting for perp that tells it to run in a certain mode.

Did you make a blank .txt file called serious.txt in the gamemode folder? (could also be lite2.txt or developer.txt)

Yep in hooks the server is set to serious and there is a serious.txt in the gamemode folder, Though im still getting the origional error “Server to Client Rp account details are trying to sync”. Could you add me to steam possibly? That would be great =D

You don’t have SMF set up properly, I’m betting

SMF - Simple machine forums ?

PERP was originally set up to link to a SMF forum so that if you didn’t have a forum account it would create one for you when you joined the server.

In later versions of PERP it was pretty much disabled since SMF can’t compare to vBulletin.

Though with 2.5 it still needs to be hooked up with SMF to run proply?

I believe that 2.5 did require it. 3.0 did not. 3.0 has it’s advantages over 2.5 when it comes to cars, fuel and a few other things.