SQL password


Is there anyway you can put a password on the SQLlite database you can create in gmod?


Don’t think you can.
But why would you need to?
If you can not i supose your can always overwrite the sqllite query function.

Well just to make things harder for people to edit stats as I’ll be saving critical userdata client-side for my gamemode.

Oh and thanks for the speedy reply.

Its just stupid to do that client side… Why not save it on the server?

I know I know… but the thing is I’m making this gamemode primarily for me and my buddies to play at lans and I won’t always be there to host… and they aren’t too keen on starting over when I’m not there. I don’t mind if it’s still possible to get in and change stuff… I just want to make it as hard and annoying as possible.

When I get around to releasing it here, I’ll post up a version that saves stats server-side.

And then send it to the client. And saving it on the client means you have to use the password somewhere, only people can get it from the cache etc…

If it’s just your friends, why’d you need a password for it?

Well lets just say that some of my friends like tinkering with their stats… just like in CoD or other games.

Why not Glon Encript the data. Save it to a text file. After every LAN Party and when sombody else hosts you send them the datafile to load.

Write a PHP page to get/update it or something.

Make it send the table to your server every 10minutes, or when the server shuts down.

And if the server starts up and it doesn’t have the data, get it off the server

Well I guess it’s a good idea. I’ll try it.


Awesome idea, but my knowledge of PHP is basically zilch, but I could probably ask a friend to help.