SQLite Help

I have never touched SQLite before and therefore I am trying to create a table with SteamID and Name in. I am then trying to update the Name field in the Players1 table where the SteamID is. I am then trying to see if it has updated correctly.

The problem is, it doesn’t update it. It brings the error
I get to the last function:

Table exists, updating
Failed:	no such column: SteamID

But I’m making the SteamID column…?

if( !sql.TableExists( “Players1” ) ) then

	sql.Query( "CREATE TABLE Players1 ( SteamID text, Name text )" )
	print( "No, making table" )

	if( !sql.TableExists( "Players1" ) ) then
		print( "Still No")

print( "Table exists, updating" )

sql.Query( "UPDATE `Players1` SET Name = '" .. args[2] .. "' WHERE SteamID = '" .. ply:SteamID() .. "'" )

local profiledata = sql.Query( "SELECT * FROM `Players1` WHERE SteamID = '" .. ply:SteamID() .. "'" )

if( profiledata ) then
	print( "Worked" )
	print( "Failed:", sql.LastError( profiledata ) )


Theres probbably a error creating the table, that query dosent look right…

Nevermind, fixed.