SQLite(Unkown Token)/ String + Numerical Datatype

Is there a datatype in SQlite that supports both String and Numerical values? I’ve tried many different datatypes with no success, this includes BLOB,CHAR,VARCHAR,TEXT,INT, ect.

Example Text: “360Spyder”
function RP_DoSQLCarCheck(Name)
sql.Query(“ALTER TABLE RP_Cars ADD “…Name…” TEXT)”)
Upon using this function with “360Spyder” I receive the following error.

"unrecognized token: 360Spyder"

I’ve tinkered with this and have come to the conclusion that numerals are causing the error, when I use “Spyder” or any other string that doesn’t include a numerical value it works fine.

I too wold like to know the answer so…bump.

That’s (probably) because

sql.Query(“ALTER TABLE RP_Cars ADD “…Name…” TEXT)”)

is incorrect, and translates directly to


You should change it to

sql.Query(“ALTER TABLE RP_Cars ADD '” … Name … “’ TEXT”)

And that should work.


Actually, it could be that names can’t begin with numbers. Try Spyder360 and see if that works.

It was the ‘’ missing, thanks for the help.
Still can’t believe I missed that.