SQLite versus gm_mysql v6 OO edition

So here it is 2:50am and I’m churning out code like a coal-powered electricity plant makes pollution. I got into the “level up” portion where players gain money and skill and such and all of a sudden I had no way to link it to my MySQL database easily.

I am using Network variables following this guide:

I was going to us gm_mysql v6 OO edition for storing all the player data… but SetPData seems… so much simpler… Would this store it for my SteamID? I’m not sure how it would work. Would it be simpler and easier to use SetPData instead of writing my own sql query thingies?

you would use MySQL if you want to store the stuff on a external database, SQLite will store it in the GMod folder in sv.db/cl.db

I see, so if I had multiple servers running where I wanted everyone to maintain their info among all servers I would link them all together with one external database… While if I used SQLLite they would have info unique to each server.

I remember reading this but it didn’t stick. Thanks Tobba!

You could have different info for each server on the same database using MySQL, so MySQL has all the functionality of SQLite and more, but using MySQL of course requires you to connect to a database and requires that database to be functional, whereas SQLite is much easier to use and will always work.