Squad Awesomeness - My first ever series project

Hello, people! How are you?
I want to present you the series i want to work on.
It’s called “Squad Awesomeness” it’s about the counter-terrorism unit who’s fighting the world’s thread, but it’s also a comedy!
So, meanwhile i’m working on finishing the pilot episode, the pilot episode is the episode before season 1 and spin-offs to Squad Awesomeness.
The pilot episode will tell us how Captain Kazama found Squad Awesomeness. It will have 3 parts. Currently i’m working on part 2 and i’m going to edit this post soon.

Anyways, you can see part 1 meanwhile:

As a beginner in machinima making i want you guys to give me some opinions on improving the quality of my machinima. I’d love to listen to advices! :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody!