Squad of Marines getting royally fucked over by a Ceph patrol

Good lord how long ago was it I last booted up Gmod?
Also I moderately dislike the Crysis marine headhacks, can pose the entire face bar the eyes so no matter what I did for the majority of them I just couldn’t get the expression I wanted because the eyes wouldn’t fucking shut. Other than that I suppose they’re cool and all.



No editing because it’s a new laptop and I forgot to install GIMP. Plus I just plain can’t, unless you like lens flares.

Bonus cause I thought it was amusing:


posing is okay I guess (kind of hard to tell), most angles are pretty empty and bland, lighting is fairly generic, and there’s just as a whole not much to look at

Love the last one!

Cranked up the brightness to full on Gmod so I guess I got to tweak my laptop settings some :confused:

Cheers otherwise.

You gotta work on the lightings.

yeah, you should place some lights on the Ceph so it’s more like they’re using actual technology rather than just textures that look like technology