Squad surprised by the sudden appearance of a enemy MG on the top of a hill


Awesome posing but the blue haze feels a little strong to me. Fantastic blood and smoke as usual. Sweet shading.

I have a problem with these models being used in European theatre images though… the brown gear, rolled up sleeves and exposed white, t-shirts just screams ‘Pacific’ at me.

Hey, it’s a pacific picture! Look at the MGer.


You should have done it the other way around, other than that I think the pic is cool. It makes me feel bad seeing the good guys being shot down :C

I reduced the blue haze. :wink:

Where did you get those helmets, they don’t look like helmets from DOD:s.

Bloocobalt’s CoD5 non-released-yet pack.

I love the movie feel.

Ah I see now. I mistook the cap for a German field cap.

Great picture, no complains.


The editing looks really nice.

Oh no! A realistic image depicting the good guys NOT absolutely owning everyone! Anti-American!

It’s an awsome picture, although I find the placing of the Carbine on the right a little odd.

There are no good guys in war.


Nice picture pMnky

Aw dammit.

well done, looks very realistic

Everything looks perfect but I dont like the colors for some reason, but that is personal taste, w/e.

Awesome pose and edit :slight_smile: