Squad: Weapon Models [Insurgents/Russian Armed Forces]

Deleted due to DMCA Takedown.

The Link for Steam is back up now that the Scaling Issue has been solved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Going to start fixing the dropbox link now

A respectful AKMS model!

Deleted due to DMCA Take Down

And where the restored link?

You don’t understand what a DMCA takedown is, do you.

It’s sad though because they were good models. Well, I guess I’m gonna to wait for your AK pack Kali.

I can’t believe someone would issue a DMCA takedown over porting models.

You better give up those big fat stacks of money you were making off their intellectual property before they lawyer up.
(Could you guys tell I was being sarcastic?)

Here’s an AK pack to hold us over until Kali’s comes out though, if anyone didn’t already know about it.

If you guys downloaded it using the workshop, the files are still in your addon folder. Usa the .gma extractor to extract the files.

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The file will be a .gma file

This man is a face punch hero.