Squad: Weapon Models [United States Armed Forces]

Deleted due to DMCA Takedown.

Spectacular! Are you by any chance working on the player models?

What is the game’s engine? UE3?


Unreal engine 4 is what i think they are using.

The M249 is not in the workshop pack, and why didnt you include the different scopes and camo paint on the guns?

The “camo paint” is a poor WIP completely tan texture that looks bad anyways. It’d luck much better at this point for someone to create their own.

Deleted due to DMCA Takedown.

Any chance we can get it somehow or have a hint on where else we could find it? They were great indeed.

They’re gone, man. DMCA takedown results in it being taken down and a C&D if it ever goes back up.

The devs clearly don’t want their stuff shared around and they’ll probably send C&Ds and DMCAs to anyone else who reuploads it. It sucks, but it’s probably best not to try putting it back up.

I can say they are still on the web, nothing more.

A rather curious decision to use Unreal Engine then.