Squall Leonhart

Old and new:


Will be posting rest of the body as I get to it.

Sweet honky tonk!
Wow! It looks better than he did in the cinematics on the actual game!
Can’t wait to see what the actual model looks like!

EmoGits looking pretty good there.

You goofed up big time. Your model clearly looks like a man.

Hot damn, that looks amazing! The whole model should be more than impressive if that’s how good the head is!

I’d say the hair needs to be slightly longer, but it’s really good nonetheless.

Scar looks too fresh.
And the bridge of the nose is too flat.
Besides that, it’s acceptable.

Make his bangs a bit bigger like in the original picture and you’re set.

For the record, Final Fantasty 8 is my favorite Final Fantasty. Tasty fans.

When you say “tasty fans” are you making a sexual reference?

No that’s gross.

One of these covered in chocolate or something tasty.

Cover a fan in melted chocolate and turn it on?

I like this idea.

That doesn’t look like Squall at all.

Exactly, it looks better. It actually looks like a man.

His face reminds me of something, but I can’t place it.

Spoony Experiment ftw!
“Ugh I’ll harm you!”
Back on topic:
This looks great! have a palette! :buddy:


^ I heard that Curtis…

Wow @ the fur.

You should totally do the long hair version from Kingdom hearts.
I know the games gay, But he looked pretty hardcore with long hair

I take it you’ve never played Kingdom Hearts.