"Squire! Summon a Dragonstrike upon my coordinates!" Armed Knights in a street.


Don’t give me flak about how Knights can’t have guns.


I don’t know what to say but I like it.

Looks legit, yo.

I think we left reality in the game industry when space marines started killing dinosaurs on planet Zogh. So why not. I like it. These fellows would certainly confuse any adversary.

Very nice! I like it.

Flak about how knights can’t have guns.

They’re not dinosaurs, they’re Spine-Backed Killerfuckbeasts from Planet Carveandrapeandflay.

But of course. Silly me:doh:

That’s awesome.

best posing i’ve seen today

Makes me think of battlefield 2 but with knights n shit

This deserves a Monty Python reference.

I’ll get out the Holy Hand Grenade later, but I still need to know where Crazyknife obtained the other Knight Model.