SR-71 Blackbird and harrier

Here are my two most recent contraptions, both work fully

SR-71 Blackbird


(may be still processing)

first post

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Someone PLEASE ban isdevilis, this bullshit is annoying.

Also, looking good, I like the SR-71, but the pieces on the nose jut out, you should fix that.

yea, i am working on that

thats the 3rd fucking harrier

I should go build one.

oya didnt self appointed plain god xixo make one


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Pretty nice, just work on the nose on the Blackbird.

Yeah I agree with BBOOBBYY! the only thing you have to improve is the nose. Actually, you could improve the nose on the harrier too.

Other than the default PHX material and the glaring fact you used almost entirely PHX on the Blackbird, not bad.


Anyways, I like em, SR could do with some work though, it doesn’t look smooth enough.

Yay! Isdevilis got banned!
Also, I like the simplicity of the Harrier.

It’s not perma tho.

A man can dream…

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this is made of win.

yea, i know, i am working on both