SR-71 Blackbird

A plane I decided to make, it does fly, hope you like.


Some random shit I made before.

Some of Grimking’s shit

Hope you like :-----)
[RaI]ZombieDawgs wanted me to put him in credits even though he didn’t do anything to make the plane. There you go fag. And yes, the nose is not perfect but nothings ever perfect and also the picture is making it look a bit smaller.

The blackbird looks nice, though the nose should be pointier.

The cockpit is totally wrong.

nothings ever perfect


Good job on getting the paint job and general shape together of the RS-71. The cockpit is acceptable, since as a player, I wouldn’t want to look out of an actual RL blackbird cockpit (you MIGHT be able to flex, but forget about moving ANYTHING while seated). And I’ll agree that the nosecone is rather blunt and stubby. Unlike fighter jets, the RS-71’s edges are ALL knife-edge type of stuff. Has to do with the whole lifting-body thing they were aiming for.

Only downside, is that because of engine limitations you can’t get the little dips you see on the actual aircraft. For those who do not know, image-google SR-71 and look at the outside wing edges. The “warping” that you see was intentional.

Overall, good contraption. I’d like to see a video of it flying at game speeds however and how maneuverable you made it.

PS: I intentionally call it an RS-71. The prez made a mistake when introducing it, and called it an SR-71. Instead of “Well, Actually…”'ing the president at the time, they just changed the designation.

The nose is really bad.

Make it fly, then, pretty good

Edit: Ah shit, I read the does as a doesn’t, I deserve that. soz


Clearly Karbine has never played on Nodex…

Not bad, I saw this. The model could use some work, though.

Th A-10 isnt to bad, but the rest are all horrible. The Sr-71 is really bad, the nose cone is awful. Whats with the pin stripes too? Also it should be black, not gray.

HI kii-wii


Good Plane :smiley:

you did not just do that!

LMAO complements his own plane on another account.

Grimking copying ma A-10 >:O!

Mind showing me a few unmaterialised pictures, I’m trying to get into plane designing and sure I can make them fly well but they look too ugly for words. Also, mind telling me the props that are most commonly used in plane design?

Other then that these planes look pretty good, the cockpit looks strange aswell as the very pointy nose, or maybe thats just me.