SR-71 Complete!

After around 60 hours of building and 1300 props later my scale(ish) Blackbird SR-71 is complete (apart from the landing gear).

Some screenies:

Before any of you ask: no, I won’t be making this fly

That’s a beautiful SR-71. Two questions though. Is the cockpit detailed, and did you use Sprops?


You should definitely make it black as well.

Thats quite impressive!

Only criticisms I have though…
The nose is a tad fat looking, the ramjet intakes seem like they should be a little longer, and I’m not sure what the cone thing at the end of the fuselage is supposed to me.

Past that the proportions seem good and the curvature is excellent.

I agree, the nose is rather fat and ‘rat’ looking, if I was going to change stuff around it would defiantly be that; I’ve spent so much time on this Blackbird I really can’t see my self doing anymore. The cockpit isn’t currently details and yes I used SProps for this build. The cone at the end of the fuselage is this:

(real picture)

Next I’ll be making a F16 or some kind of fighter jet with a lower propcount so I can actually fly the thing and keep my sanity.

Thanks for your kind remarks, It was so enjoyable to build.

You should build it like 1/4th scale so you can actually fly in straight lines for a few seconds instead of in a constant circle.

The issue was not space on that map, it was just that it dropped my FPS to around 10 due to the 1200 props on it.

Lag or not, a 100ft aircraft has no room to fly (realistically, at least) on any gmod map.

1200 props though… wtf.

I’m speechless, how the fuck did you cram 1,300 props into that? Do you have any idea of how to efficiently use props?

The jet engine is hand made, along with the underside which showcases the exact curves that the real one does. I also built it in the style of the real plane, using ribs and beams to create curves and structural integrity. Efficiency of props was never an issue for me as from the start I said I wasn’t looking to make it fly.

pretty fucking slick.

1200 PROPS?? You’re skimming the edge of the limit of questions at those numbers! Were any constraints used at all in that?

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Can that thing freestand at all or is it a static, frozen propwad?

It can freestand fine when parented, and my server can handle it fine if its the only thing spawned, however it kills my FPS. I’m going to start work on a simpler f18-hornet aiming for a 400 prop max but with similar detail level; it will be flyable.

that’s a lot of props. you should utilize different kinds of props instead of just using lots of flat phx pieces.

I try, I’ve only come back to build about a month ago and I’m used to building in 2009/10 so I keep forgetting about all these new props. My attention to detail is also a flaw, if a prop does not completely match what I want then I will use 50+ props to make it look perfect shapewise. In my next build I will improve upon this, hopefully!