SrcCon-Dedicated Server installer and manager

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Hello everyone!

Since last week I’ve been working on a program to install and manage SrcDS servers. It is still in a Pre-Alpha, hopefully to enter Alpha 1 bye early next week. When it reaches beta ask me if you would like to participate in the beta. I will make it public when it reaches a RC, so stay tuned.

Here’s some screen shots to make you excited! Yay!

Ideas? Requests? Rants?

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Beta Time!

I need people to beta test SrcCon. I want to gather feedback from users while finding bugs. SrcCon can work with your existing SrcDS installs, just install SrcCon to the folder. Here’s the info:

Bug tracker:
SVN (If you want to look at the code):

So please help me out :slight_smile:

Cool! I like it.

hopefully this isn’t another one of those:



What’s it written in?

Wow, I think this would be -super- helpful for people (like me) who are considering to host a dedicated server eventually :slight_smile:

UberMensch, the program language I believe is .Net, but I could be wrong. =)

Keep up the great work. I’ll subscribe to this thread to await further updates!

It’s written in C#, and when I release I’ll make the source code public.

If anyone would like to help develop this pm me.

And It will never ask for you Steam ID :wink:

Sorry for the lack of updates, school has really kicked in, so I’m pretty busy. Also, my svn host has required to make my code public, so here it is.

And the projects Forums

Might want to check your forums link.

Eh, my host is current moving to a new datacenter. Sorry about that.

Ya I would like to partisipate in the beta. Thanks

um are your using x10hosting as your host?

they go down alot and most of the time the mysql crashes and takes then a few days or so to fix up.(i used them and waited and waited for them to set mysql backup but got tired and used another)

Love this idea. i would love to use it when it goes in to full release. i always fail when trying to set up a server for me and my friend.(also is it possible to make it auto port forward? if not may be just put a tut in thee on how to port forward and the ports needed. has tutorials on port forwarding.

Updated main post with Beta information, I hope you guys can help me out :slight_smile:

2nd image has malaware on it…just to let you know

nevermind it was my internetz

Double post D:


sorry for posting in this thread when its really old but i get an error with it saying Something went wrong while downloading when i try to use the installer for gmod

It’s broken.

Give me the error
I selected Gmod and :
Something went wrong while downloading

Add more content like Portal and EP1 and 2 also add it so you can setup the server settings for games

Shit sorry i didnt see the dated on this :L