[SRCDS] Adding Episode 1 content

I am trying to add episode 1 content to my Garry’s Mod server which I am hosting using SRCDS, but for some reason I can’t use the content when I’ve updated. I use the following command to update.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I don’t ever remember there being a SRCDS support for Episode 1, am I wrong?

According to when you set it up, it should be possible. As there is a package or whatever it’s called by the name of episode 1.

I’m not quite sure about that one; what is the date of the ep. 1 package?

This link to their forums show that you can use epidsode 1 with srcds.


I realize the date, but it was last updated in 2011 and it is a stickied post on an active forum.

But that post was last updated in 2010 as well.

In your CFG folder you should have a file called “mountdepots.txt”
It should look something like this.

	"hl2"		"1"
	"cstrike"		"1"
	"dod"		"1"
	"tf"		"1"
	"ep2"		"1"
	"episodic"		"1"
	"lostcoast"		"0"

So you have it set for “1” for the content you have installed and “0” for the content you do not have installed.
I had a issue with mounting content till I had this file, make sure you have it as well.

If this still does not work you may have to manually upload the EP1 content from the GFC file.

Yeah… That didn’t work. I might not have the actual content installed.
How would I manually upload the ep1 content from the GFC file?

(btw, it’s GCF - not GFC)

I would manually extract it from GCFs. I’ve found HLDSUpdateTool to be very buggy/not working at all with Episode 1 from other’s posts. I personally could not get it to work at all either.

There are multiple ways to extract content from GCF. The most popular, and the one I use is GCFScape.

Using your GCF extraction tool, extract content from the episodic folder in each of the GCFs listed below to your server’s orangebox/episodic folder. Create the episodic folder in orangebox if necessary. It will probably not be there unless HLDSUpdateTool actually partially did do the job.

The GCFs you need to extract are located in your Steam/SteamApps folder. You should extract the content in this order:

episode 1 shared.gcf
half-life 2 episode one.gcf (maps folder only - this GCF is not required if you do not want EP1 maps)
episodic 2007 shared.gcf
episode one 2007 content.gcf

If any files request an overwrite of an existing file, overwrite it. That’s why I told you to do it in a specific order.

Once you’ve extracted all the content, go back into episode one 2007 content.gcf and extract the contents of your hl2 folder into your orangebox/hl2 (make sure it’s the hl2 folder in orangebox, not in the server root) folder. This folder should already be there and again, overwrite if it asks.

When you’ve done, make sure you have that mountdepots.txt file shown in a previous post in your garrysmod/cfg folder. That is required AFAIK (it certainly doesn’t work for me without it).

If you run a Linux server, you may encounter issues with some files/folders not being in lowercase. But let’s only worry about that if you are running a Linux server.

Do you know how you do for episode 2?

Yes, do the same GCF extracting method on these GCFs, copying the listed folders from the ep2 folder to orangebox/ep2 (probably should’ve listed the required folders for ep1 but there is no harm whatsoever in copying extra folders like the bin folder):

episode two content.gcf (models, scenes, scripts and sounds folders)
(OPTIONAL) episode two maps.gcf (maps folder only)
episode two materials.gcf (materials folder only)
half-life 2 episode two english.gcf (sound folder only)

Again, if any files request an overwrite of an existing file, overwrite it.

It’s quite a bit simpler than ep2, a lot less overwriting (or maybe none - while since I did this).

Using your way is giving me some odd issues. Like, the players can’t use the content despite having it installed but I can.

Both episodes? When you mean can’t use, do you mean spawning props or seeing them? What OS is your server running?

Windows server 2008. It worked fine until I added episode 2 content. I think they can see the models, just not access their directories. Oh and the sounds from the episodes say they are invalid for them.

May this be because I added reslists from the episode 2 gcf?

The players can appareantely spawn in the items but they are error for them. Also it works for one guy and me, but nobody else.

Ah, I see. Tell some to try this and see if it fixed the problem.

Didn’t, sadly.

This sure beats me. Not once have I ever seen ep2 or ep1 content on any GMod server. Maybe I’m just selective or what, but personally I don’t think it’s possible.

I took a look through SRCDS’s website and it didn’t seem too promising either.


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